We’re always looking for volunteers to help during CDCTSsponsored

events like shows, clinics, symposiums, etc. Our club

could not do the work we do without our fabulous volunteers. It

takes a lot of work hours to create the fun and educational

events and shows we sponsor. We need your help as volunteer


We have a number of standard volunteer positions available for

almost any event where you would like to help. Please look over

the volunteer job descriptions below, and contact a board

member or the specified organizer of the event you’re interested

in working for. Other volunteer assignments may be available on

an as-needed basis.

One really great perk of volunteering for CDCTS is that you can

earn “Dressage Bucks” that can be used to pay for clubsponsored

events such as clinics, shows, and symposiums…not

to mention merchandise, food at CDCTS-run food booths, and

much more!

We also recognize one outstanding volunteer with a Volunteer of

the Year award.

So get started right away. We’d love to have your help!


The scribe sits with the judge (or stands in rail classes) and

records comments and scores on the sheet provided. Scribing

for dressage tests is relatively easy at the lower levels and can

be performed by anyone with quick and legible handwriting.

Scribing for upper level tests is more fast-paced, but anyone with

previous scribing experience can do it. Scribing is a great

opportunity to learn about dressage from the judge's point of

view and is a great educational experience.


Runners are responsible for collecting tests from judges and

delivering them to the scorer, as well as for retrieving food or

other necessary items for the judge and scribe. Runners may

also be asked to do various odd jobs, but they often have plenty

of time to watch the show!


The scorer is responsible for tallying up scores for each

dressage test, checking them twice, and then posting the

placements for the class. A scorer must know the basics of how

to tally a dressage or combined training test, which is very easy

to learn, and good electronic calculator skills are always a plus.

Scorers are usually inside away from the action, but their job is

very important, and accuracy is a must!

Jump Crew/Arena Setup Crew

The jump crew is responsible for setting jumps, re-setting jumps

after a rail is knocked, and doing any necessary course

adjustments for the different levels. Jumps can be heavy, so

crew members need to be fit enough to lift and carry 50 lbs. The

arena setup crew is responsible for setting up the dressage

arena and letters before the show as well as tearing down the

arena after the show. The CDCTS dressage arena is very easy

to set up and is lightweight, so anyone who is available before

the day of the show or at the end of the show day might want to

volunteer for this job.

Ring Steward

The ring steward is responsible for the warm-up area. He or she

must check each rider's bridle number to make sure it is the

correct number and is correctly placed, and the ring steward

must notify each rider when their turn in the arena is coming up.

The ring steward may also be asked to check tack and bits to

make sure they are legal for competition, and he or she acts as

the go-between for riders in the warm-up area and the arena,

keeping everything running on time and informing the arena of

any discrepancies, problems, or scratches. The ring steward has

a big job, but this is a fun way to get to know riders and their

horses and to be very involved in the organization and running of

a show.


Concessions are a big part of every show...and an opportunity

for CDCTS to make some money if everything runs well!

Concessions can be basic to elaborate, but good things to offer

are lots of drinks, snack foods, and possibly lunch items like hot

dogs, hamburgers, or soup/sandwiches. CDCTS occasionally

runs a concession stand, and staffers are in charge of setup,

cleanup, and collecting money, but we often invite pony club or

4-H groups to run their own concessions at our shows as

fundraisers. If you would like to organize a concession stand at

one of our shows, just ask!