CDCTS Scholarship Application Guidelines

Outstanding volunteers who are members of CDCTS are eligible for scholarships to pursue educational opportunities. CDCTS is a non-profit organization existing primarily to further education, interest and participation in dressage and combined training. CDCTS scholarships are to be used only for the education of the rider, not for the training or maintenance of the horse. There is a monetary limit of up to $1000.00 per scholarship award. A scholarship committee must approve all scholarship requests.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Must be a CDCTS member for three (3) consecutive years immediately preceding enrollment into approved program.

• Must maintain CDCTS membership throughout duration and successful completion of program course.

• Must have minimum of eight (8) days volunteer time for the parent organization (of which a minimum of 4 days must be at a CDCTS recognized competition) and given within three years prior to successful completion of course.


• USDF Judge program: those who successfully complete the course with evidence of passing grade will receive reimbursement of $800.00;

• USDF Judge program “with Distinction”: those who successfully complete the course with evidence of passing grade “with distinction” will receive reimbursement of $1000.00.

See below for application information.

Application Information and the Application Process To apply for a CDCTS scholarship, a written application must be submitted to the President and contain the following information:

1. Name, address, email addresses and phone numbers of applicant

2. Amount requested for scholarship

3. Number of years as a CDCTS member

4. Statement of goals and current level of riding

5. Highest level of schooling and highest level of competition

6. Name, address and phone number of instructor or clinician; a short description of his/her qualifications and fees

7. Estimate on total cost of training project; to include lessons, boarding, transportation costs

8. Information on verifiable volunteer work performed at recognized and schooling shows; to include dates, locations, name of volunteer coordinators and show managers

9. Listing of time and work performed at other CDCTS functions such as clinics, special events, chapter activities, etc

10. Notation of any and all previous scholarships granted by CDCTS and the year awarded

11. Educational activities attended in the last five years including instructor workshops, symposiums, Trainers’ Conferences, clinics, study abroad, CDCTS educational programs etc

12. Other forms of educational enrichment, outside of USDF and CDCTS programs, including trainers, instructors programs and any other noteworthy experiences.

When a scholarship application has been received, the CDCTS President will form a Scholarship Committee consisting of Board members and General Membership members. The committee is to consist of not less than four (4) members, two (2) of those members must be Board members and the remainder must be General Membership members. The applicant will be notified of a review date by the Scholarship Committee. Once a scholarship has been awarded, the applicant will have two years from award notification to complete the scholarship without having to reapply.

Completion of the “L” Education Program

Upon successful completion of the “L” Education Program, the applicant will submit proof of graduation in writing, and physical copies of expenses to the President in order to receive scholarship funds. Types of expenses that will be accepted include tuition, books, educational materials pertaining exclusively to the program. Types of expenses that will not be accepted include food, lodging, vehicle expenses and any other expenses not directly related to the program.

The recipient agrees to judge two (2) CDCTS-sponsored dressage shows free of charge, within the first two years of successful completion of the “L” Education Program.

Within two months of completion, the recipient must submit a report of between one and two pages in length to the Scholarship Chairperson for publication in the CDCTS Newsletter. At the time the recipient submits the report, the recipient will receive the scholarship funds. Please contact the CDCTS Newsletter Editor for the best way to submit the report.

All scholarship requests and reports are to be sent to the President of CDCTS for inclusion into the club’s records.